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Renewable Energy

Providing secure, affordable energy whilst protecting the environment is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st Century. Climate change is a natural process, but is currently taking place at an accelerated rate due to the carbon emissions we produce in everyday life.

The generation and use of renewable energy will contribute significantly to mitigate climate change as well as ever increasing energy prices. It’s not the only answer, other technologies will play a role but given that Britain has the lion’s share of Europe’s wind resource; wind is a really attractive prospect.

The UK government has legally committed to generating 20% of all our energy from renewable sources by 2020. This equates to over 240TWh or 240,000,000,000 units of electricity every year!  It seems like a huge number but it’s what’s required if we want to slow the accelerated rate of climate change. Beyond 2020 targets will rise steeply, by 2050 we need to reduce our green house gas emissions by 80% or more.

There is strong legal, environmental and commercial imperative to achieve these targets and more. Energy prices are already very volatile and on the increase. As the Earth’s finite fossil fuels become scarcer it looks as though electricity from conventional sources is set to become even more expensive.

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