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Your small wind project

At Sykamore we’re dedicated to making sure small wind systems are sited correctly so that landowners can maximise the benefits from renewable energy. Before you go any further it’s useful to consider the following points:

1. Location, location, location

A good starting point would be to find somewhere windy. Fortunately the UK has the lion’s share of Europe’s wind resource and most rural locations will have sufficiently strong enough wind to generate significant amounts of energy.  Wind turbines work best if sited away from buildings, trees and anything else that will block or restrict the wind. At Sykamore Small Wind we can advise you of the best location within you landholding.

2. But will it generate enough energy and income?

This will depend on where you are in the country, you can get an indication of wind speeds from an online wind speed database, go to for more information. To get a better idea of what you will be able to generate you need to measure the wind speeds onsite for at least three months. Sykamore specialises in providing and installing wind monitoring masts. From these meters we can remotely record your windspeeds and advise you on the type and size of turbine that would be appropriate. We can even provide financial advice to enable you to make the right decision before investing in your turbine. Click here to find out how much you earn make from a small wind system.

3. Do I need planning permission?

Yes, you will need to talk to your neighbours and planning authority about the project. Our team has vast experience of dealing with planning authorities and will advise you or act on your behalf to secure all necessary consents.

4. What about connecting to the grid?

Some turbines are designed to work without being connected to the grid. A 10kW turbine will on average, produce enough energy for 8 households throughout the year, so being able to export any excess energy is a advantage. As with the planning process we will advise you or act on your behalf to arrange a grid connection with the local network operator.

5. Feed in tariff

If you want to benefit from the Government’s Feed-in-Tariffs you will need to ensure that the turbine you choose and those that install it are both MCS accredited. We can offer access to approved turbines and through our partners Hewlett Renewables we can install them too.

6. Is that it?

Well, not quite! Once your turbine is up and running you want to make sure it continues to run for as long as possible. The FIT guarantees an income for 20 years but with regular maintenance your turbine could last much longer. We can offer a several operation and maintenance packages to suit your needs and budget.  We also offer a remote monitoring package whereby we watch over your turbine via a SIM card modem and arrange for maintenance to be carried out as soon as a fault develops.

Contact us for a free site appraisal. 

How long will it take?

First things first, contact us. We can tell you very quickly if your land is a suitable site for a small wind system. We will then talk you through the various options and costs involved. Typically the site design, feasibility work and planning process will take around six months. Once planning permission has been granted we will arrange installation of the system so that you can enjoy the benefits as soon as possible. The entire process should take no more than nine months from start to finish.

Every small wind system we install will have a designed operation life of 20 years, with regular maintenance the turbines should last much longer than this.


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